Joanna Newsom

How awesome is she?  I can't stop listening to her new record, "Have One On Me".  It's soooo pretty and the perfect kind of music for these snowy days we've been having.  Well, it's actually perfect for any kind of weather. 

Her new record is dreamy.  Her voice is so unique and beautiful and combined with the harp, it's mindblowing.  If you haven't heard any of her stuff before then you're truly missing out.  Last summer she played a concert with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and I was so disappointed that I never got around to buying tickets. I love her and have been meaning to go catch a CSO concert so this was the perfect combination.  But alas, we are lazy.  Anyhoo, this latest album is a bit different than the others but only in a way you might expect.  It's her third album, and it goes to show how she's evolved as a musician. 

Not only is she incredibly talented but she's incredibly beautiful and to top it all off, is dating SNL's Andy Samberg.  So cute!  So go to grooveshark or lala or purchase the new album (you should really do it) and prepare to be swept off your feet.

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