Pretty Birdie

I've been scouring the internet for green bridesmaid dresses lately, in hopes to find something cute and affordable that's something they'll want to wear again.  I'm not having the best of luck, but I'm hoping spring changes that for me.  I've had GREAT luck finding dresses I love in other colors though, imagine that.  Like these:

Stephanie Teague, out of Greensboro, NC makes some really cute clothes, don't you think?  I love randomly stumbling upon a great Etsy store such as this.  She mainly uses antique and vintage fabrics for her designs as well as other unique sources.  Tim, Heidi, Ninaand Michael would be so proud (or would they tear it to shreds? Sometimes I just never know).  Not only does she make dresses but she also makes jewelry, tops, bottoms, accessories, etc.  Go check it out here

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