This is a post not just in praise of lists, it's in praise of one list in particular. My good friend Becca inspired my friends and I to write a "30-before-30" list at my hen/bachelorette weekend and 6 months on, I am so thankful. I just have to say the following, so please don't barf (too much):

Since then, I feel like I've really seized the day with some things I might have had um-ed and ah-ed about beforehand (see previous post). It's given me small (and some not so small) goals to think about, little milestones to try to achieve in a more timely fashion.

I also love my list because my very closest girlfriends wrote them too and we all learned about each others' desires, and found goals we shared.

I've had some experiences I've reveled in not just because they're fantastic in and of themselves, but also because they're one 30th of a target I set myself for some greater overall reason.

Have you ever made a list like that ("40-before-40", "33-before-33", "10-before-10am")?? What's on it? What have you done recently to make one of your - or someone else's - dream come true?

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