Mmmm Hopleaf!

This restaurant/bar is to die for.  I dream about it all the time (even though every time I leave there I'm completely stuck in a food coma for days).  Last night, we ladies went and celebrated Raegan's birthday with delicious beers and fantastic food.  If you live in Chicago and haven't been there you are MISSING OUT.  I had the CB&J (cashew butter, fig jam, cheese - all fried and served panini style) with a side of stilton macaroni & cheese.  It was heavenly.  Some of the girls had brisket.  Some had mussels.  Everyone was happy, it's hard to go wrong there.   The only downside was our hour and a half wait, which resulted in us being less sober than anticipated and very hungry and eating way late.  But when you're with a group of awesome people it all works out well.  Anyway, go to the Hopleaf right now if you haven't been.  Quit sitting there, GO ALREADY! 


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