A Single Man

On Saturday night, Badger & I had some us time and went out for some delicious dinner and a movie.  It was a really great night.  Our dinner was delicious and romantic and the movie was beautiful albeit sad. 

We had dinner at Le Creperie, which was fantastic.  I love crepes, I love frommage and I love wine.  I had a little bit of it all!  We even had a dessert crepe (we never get dessert) with flan and caramel sauce.  Oh my was it good.  The restaurant itself was so charming and adorable and gave me the strong desire to visit France and eat nothing but crepes for the rest of my life. 

After dinner we went to Landmark to watch A Single Man.  Let me just say, from the moment the film began, I was in love.  Tom Ford proved to me that all fashion directors should also direct films.

It was so beautifully filmed, with glamour galore.  I love films set in the 60s, and this movie did an excellent job of glamourizing cigarettes and liquor.  But aside from that, the story was beautiful, moving, touching, you name it.  The ending is still with me and all of the small details really made the movie.  I highly recommend seeing this movie as soon as you can. 

All of the actors were outstanding.  The house Colin Firth's character lived in is seriously my dream house.  Aah, I want to rewatch it right now....

(photos via le creperie, just jared)


City Girl Chicago February 8, 2010 at 12:30 PM  

This does indeed sound like the perfect date night!

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