I don't mind snow storms when it means I get to stay in all night in my pajamas, snuggled up with my favorite person.  All day long yesterday I really looked forward to going home and having a night in with the boy.  After the usual nightly routine (commute home, relax, yoga, dinner, Jeopardy!) we stared out the window in awe of the crazy blizzard we experienced yesterday and then decided to take advantage by converting the couch to a cozy bed.  We turned off all the lights, opened up some delicious Bell's Winter White Ale (my favorite these days) and watched what is now our new favorite kids movie: UP!

At first it was so sad and I kept thinking to myself, what is the deal with that?  But then it got really funny.  I mean REALLY funny. 

This here is Kevin the Snipe. 

And here is Dug, in his 'cone of shame'.  He talks in perfect dog talk, stopping mid sentence to shout, "SQUIRREL!".  They really nailed that down in our opinion. 

Russell: Sit boy
Dug sits
Russell: Hey look! He's trained! Shake.
Dug shakes his paw.
Russell: Uh-huh. Speak.
Dug: Hi there.
Mr. Frederickson: Did that dog just say, "hi there"?
Dug: Oh yes.
Mr. Frederickson: Whaaa?
Dug: My name is Dug. I have just met you and I love you. (jumps on Mr. Frederickson). My master made me this collar. He is a good and smart master and he made me this collar so that I may speak. Squirrel!

So good, so cute, so enjoyable!

(photos via NY Times, about.com, ogizmo.com)


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