I can't believe it's 80 degrees!

This is Chicago for crying out loud!  Today feels warmer than the entirety of last summer!  I kid you not, it was a very mild summer last year.  It's seriously too nice outside for people to be cooped up in offices.  Anyway....happy April Fools Day! 

Wouldn't you just love to be laying in this bathtub right about now? I know I do...

April Fools day always makes me miss my father.  When we were little, dad found it HILARIOUS to pull pranks on us.  Mom took it upon herself as the greatest challenge of all, to get him back.  I remember we had this set of drawers in our laundry room with tools and random objects that had no home, and in one drawer it contained everything a kid could dream of to pull pranks and gags on people.  The best content of that particular drawer was a pile of plastic poop that every April Fools my dad would place somewhere in the house and try to make you think our dog had taken the liberty to do his deed on your trapper keeper or right outside your door.  Seriously, every year that I can remember from 10 and under.  My mom's favorite trick was to tie a rubberband around the faucet rinser so that when you turned the sink on it would spray you in the face.  She got my dad pretty good the first couple of times! 

Do any of you have any fond memories of April Fools jokes?  Or did anyone get you good today or vice versa?  Do tell...

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My Owl Barn April 2, 2010 at 8:04 AM  

Yes! I'd love to have a bath in that gorgeous tub and that gorgeous setting. Happy weekend!

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