Silver Jews

I can't get enough of the Silver Jews' American Water lately.  I realize this record is old, so it's certainly not a news-worthy post by any means, but it's been stuck in Badger & I's head for the last several weeks and I'm OK with that.  It makes me want to do nothing but sit outside, beer in hand, shades on, wearing summer get-up and chill with my friends.  Take me back to Austin - that's what we did every day!  I need that again!

I used to not be a fan (weird, right?) but some cool people in my life really changed my mind.  Now every time I hear them my mood changes for the better!  "It's sunny and 75.  It feels so be alive..."

What music does that for you guys?  I should note, there is a LOT of music that does this for me...(have you heard the Morning Benders? I love it.  My favorite record store, Love Garden, introduced me and I've been smitten ever since - Joy, I've noticed you're a fan too.  You're awesome). 

Album Cover via Austin Chronicile
Photo via Marquee Mag


Anonymous,  April 15, 2010 at 7:18 AM  

LOVE Silver Jews, oh yes :)
And there are too many bands that have *changed my life* if you will, but the very first when I was a wee 15 years old was Belle & Sebastian. I will love them forever!

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