The Soap & Paper Factory

For some, I'm sure that this wonderful collection of handmade, natural soy candles, solid perfumes, stationary, etc. by The Soap & Paper Factory is old hat.  But for me, it's brand new and I am in love! 

First off, how cute are these three lovely ladies?  Beth, Shannon & Lisa here are the lovely creators of S&P, and my new role models!  Everything they make and sell is natural and handmade in their Tappan, New York factory.  Their packaging is earth-friendly, not to mention beautiful.  They use recycled materials to hold the products so you can reuse them for other things when you use them all up! 

I've never personally used solid perfume, but these lovely woodsy, floral, citrusy, tropical scents have convinced me to start!  And they're only $18!

You can get Green Tea or Cinnamon Clove wrapping paper, made from recycled paper and recycled chip board, for $12 a roll.

And how awesome are these vintage-inspired soy candles?  With fragrances such as black tea, anise, basil and citrus, you really can't go wrong.  $32 for 75-hours of burn time.

Definitely inspiring and I really want to snag some of their goodies.  What's your favorite place to buy candles and soaps and things?  I personally buy all of my candles from Anthropologie but every now and then I'll stumble on something really good (and then only burn it on special occassions). 


Debra Hardy April 6, 2010 at 1:09 AM  

Nice site, I haven't seen the Soap & Paper Factory before.

Dilip Kataria July 1, 2013 at 12:07 AM  

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