I'm just waiting for the iPantyLiner...

We've all made the obvious joke about the iPad.  Hell, MadTV was all over this thing YEARS ago. But I am baffled, maybe a little appalled, a little humored, and a dash mystified about this literal translation.  It's called the iMaxi iPad case.  Would you sport this?  Would you laugh uncontrollably if you saw someone on the El pulling this out of their bag?  Me thinks I would have no choice but to do just that.  What would we do without Etsy?

Via Racked NY


keely @ luxe + lillies April 14, 2010 at 10:32 AM  

I think this is absolutely hilarious. I recently got an iPad, and I may just have to get this case to make those around me uncomfortable. Wouldn't it be so funny to see everyone's face when you pull that thing out! Thanks for give me a great laugh today!

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