Painting progress report

Ok, the first coat of my blue kitchen is on the wall :-)

The good news is that I still love the color. It really is exactly what I wanted.

The bad news is it looks kind of patchy in parts. Does this get better after another coat?

I realized that it's been a long time since I've painted and it was a bit disastrous when I first started. I've only painted another coat of white onto white, so things like avoiding getting paint onto the ceiling have never really come up for me. I think I also started with the hardest room in the house - all those cabinets and power points! Yikes.

Off to have one of these before I start with coat #2.

Wish me luck!

Photo here


Marie-Elise April 4, 2010 at 1:31 PM  

Just emailed but thought to post here to ahem, enlighten the whole world:

I'm painting my flat at the moment with the aid of boyfriend, who is a builder. He is a perfectionist and I as you know am a slob. But I've worked out the following, which doesn't get a result as perfect as he wants, but is pretty darn good.

1) get decorator's masking tape - the expensive stuff which looks like plastic with threads running through it. Usual masking tape will rip the emulsion off your ceiling/doorframe when you remove it. The other bits (rollers, brushes, paint kettles) can be cheap as anything, though expensive paint is easier to touch up than cheap paint
2) tape off the bits you don't want to paint, just do it quickly no point agonising about the edges
3) 'cut in' up to and slopping over the edge of the masking tape
4) paint the rest with a roller. First coat is patchy unless you are very careful, but it doesn't matter because the second coat looks good
5)pull the masking tape off, and where you didn't get it in exactly the right place, touch up with a pot of white touch-up paint for the ceiling (they come with their own mini brush in the lid) and with an artist's brush for the bits of wall you missed.

With heaps of love

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