It's the little things

I can't get enough of the rustic + romantic + earthy decor ideas that are all around the blogosphere.  I've got some super talented family and friends who are helping me turn all of these ideas into reality. 

First up, these adorable railroad tie centerpieces:

How cute are they!?  I love the succulents and the yellow flowers (I'm no good with proper names here) that add such a cute touch. 

This teeny cake is so very much how I want ours to be (except slighty bigger and our friend Alex said he would create us a cute topper)

The bride and groom silhouettes are darling, but I'm a sucker for that kind of thing.  My grandmother had a silhouette of me hanging up on her wall since we had it made when I was teeny.  So, I love them :)

The adorable flowers tucked into this adorable bride's hair...(not to mention all the awesome succulent usage)

Just a little over 3 more months!


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