Project Runway

Do you guys watch Project Runway?  If so, do you love it like I do?  I have to admit, I was against it at first.  I hate reality TV with a passion, but something about Project Runway sucks you in!  But I love clothes and I love watching them work their magic.  I love it, all around.  So not to give anything away from what's going on in the show right now but I just watched the latest episode last night and all I can say is...whoa.  Crazy events!  Fantastic runway show.  I loved it so much that I had a dream overnight that I was a contestant.  Yep, that's right.  In my dream, I was a contestant on Project Runway.  And let me just tell you, the judges LOVED me.  I won some challenges, I had great designs (let's keep in mind the simple fact that I really don't know how to sew, even though I come from a family with fantastic seamstresses, shame, I know).  Heidi and I were BFF's.  She took me out to party!  And for some reason bought me underwear...thanks?  So for the challenge we were working on in my dream (sorry guys, I don't recall the specifics of it) we had to be partnered up and my partner was lo and behold...Mila.  Ick.  I really don't like her.  And she was EVIL in the dream. 


So in the dream, even though I had already won challenges and was the judges' favorite, I didn't know how to sew and it pissed her off.  I guess I had just been whipping up some Ping-style designs or something beforehand, and then the truth came out that I was a bit of a P.R. phony.  Hah!  Mila yelled at me.  She made me feel like dirt.  She couldn't believe I didn't know how to do the "boning technique" (seriously, boning technique? Dreams, what's the deal!) which by the way, was called the boning technique because I was supposed to use the needle that had the skull on the end.  Wtf?  I'd like to say we completed the challenge and won and Jessica Alba said she wanted to wear MY dress to a red carpet event, but sadly, the alarm clock went off and we shall never know my Project Runway fate.  *Sigh*


Also, remember Carol Hannah from last season?  Check this out!  And this.  She's still my favorite.

photos 1 & 2 via here and here


soulflower April 28, 2010 at 9:50 AM  

I have to say that is hilarious...i though she was kind of mean and negative.i love love love project mom,grandma and i always call each other to gossip about what happened.We are sad now because this season is over!

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